Welcome to Yarallah close

“Yarallah” is located 10km west of Benalla in North East Victoria.

The Marriott family has lived on “Yarallah” since 1985.

Catherine, Hannah, Charlie, Tom and Cath are all involved in the family business. We are proud of the level of care and commitment that we take to grow out our lamb, care for our land, and be involved in our local community.

We have created a place of interest  to visit that holds possibilities for anyone who is interested in experiencing and learning more about agriculture, creating a biologically diverse eco-system, living life in the country and, well…. just relaxing.

As primary producers, we are proud of providing high quality and accountably grown food. We believe that producing and finishing lamb locally will reduce food miles and create a more sustainable food system into the future. It also creates local jobs for local young people and enables them to choose a life in the town that they have grown up in with pride.

Our lamb, ‘Yarallah Lamb’, is all bred on our farm, processed at the local abattoir and packaged at Rettke’s Carrier Street Meats, in Benalla (Prime Safe Number T00067) – just 10 kilometers away.